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Our mission is to help you find your wine palate, and make it your own.

Wine Tarts Tasting Programs

Wine Tarts: Who?


Terry Nozick enjoys her job at The Wine House in West Los Angeles, helping people discover new wines, new grapes, and new food-wine pairings every day. She holds a  Diploma in Wine and Spirits from The Wine and Spirits Education Trust. She is also a graduate of the New School of Cooking Pro Chef and Pro Baking programs. In her spare time, Terry loves visiting wine regions in California and Europe, as well as helping her wine-maker friends with their bottling and harvesting chores, just to get her hands dirty!

Wine Tarts: Who?


Melanie Webber holds a Diploma in Wine and Spirits from The Wine and Spirits Educational Trust as well as a French Wine Scholar with Honors Certification from the French Wine Society (and is currently at work on her Italian Wine Specialist certification). She has been part of the renowned Garagiste Wine Festival's team since its inception and is also the author of The Bottle Poet blog.  A passionate baker, she is a graduate of The New School of Cooking's Professional Baking program.

Wine: What?


We bring the basics of wine tasting on site to you.... but we make it fun! Our goal is that your group leaves the tasting not only armed with some great wine knowledge, but with the kind of cameraderie that only grape adventures can bring! Our minimum tasting group size is 10 and our maximum is 75. 

Wine: When?


Wine Tarts tasting experiences can be as short as 90 minutes and as long as 3 hours.... we will customize to your needs. We can do weekday evening tastings or weekend day or evening tastings.

Wine: Why?


 We firmly believe that a little knowledge can deeply enhance your enjoyment of the immortal grape! But we also believe that wine is not just about fermented grape juice, but it is also about history, culture, place, food, fun, friendship, fun ... and so very much more. We have no interest in wine snobs, only in wine lovers. Like life itself, everyone paints their wine experience with a different palate, our mission is simply to help you find more of those colors....

Wine: How?


We will help you educate your palate by helping you understand the key components of tasting, what influences that delicious juice in your glass, how to assess quality and much more. We will take you through some basic tasting exercises, including a horizontal tasting ,and then help you through a team blind tasting....all accompanied by our signature wine tarts.

About Us

Terry Nozick and Melanie Webber each hold the highly regarded WSET Diploma in Wine and Spirits and are graduates of the New School of Cooking.

Former corporate communications executives, they met training for triathlons  (completing 15+ between them) and  soon bonded over their love of wine.

With Wine Tarts, they are taking their knowledge of wine and food on the road, keeping it real, and using learning about wine as a tool to help corporations team-build, clubs bond and groups of friends come together to have fun! 

They agree that their most important wine credentials are a love of wine - and everything and everyone that glass of grape juice represents - a desire to share the joy of wine discovery and a ‘no-snobs allowed’ approach.